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Please, We cannot carry on without your help now! 

We are a 501c3 Organization.  We receive NO Government funding.   We are a NO-KILL Shelter.

All of our Domestic and Exotic depend on us for their care and we need your support.   

We are in need of money for Vet Bills, and to help with the vaccines, spays, neuters, and everyday care for these animals.  Many of these animals lost their families due to loss of income after loosing their job or from their families moving. Many animals are brought to us by kind people who find them released on the street to fend for themselves. Every donation is appreciated and will allow us to continue to care for these animals. 

Our family has dedicated 100% of their Time, Effort, and Love to help care for these animals.  We go out many nights to do rescues on injured animals or abandoned animals. Myself, my wife and our children have decided that this is what we want to do with our lives - to help these animals that need our care and love.  Would you please help by donating today.  

Thank you for any donation.


8 Hours til Daylight

Don't worry Daddy. Tomorrow is only 8 hours away.

We got through today and everyone got their dinner.
All of our prayers have been answered for today.

Now we have to prepare ourselves for tomorrow and perhaps for a day that our prayers will not be answered.
With your help Daddy we will survive.

God has given you so much faith even when the days are dark and the night is so long.
Your faith is a very bright beacon that seems to brighten the whole world.
We know you will be there for us Daddy as you have always been.

We are afraid to think how it would be without our Daddy.
When we have done our very best and it still isn't quite enough,
we know God will allow you to be there for us, as it has always been.

Sometimes it is hard for us to show our love and thanks.
But each time our little noses touch your cheek we are telling you Daddy how much we  love and  trust in you.

If I could speak and write these are some of the things I would say.
I am speaking for all us animals.

God Bless you Daddy and all the Daddy's who love and sacrifice
for the skunks and all of the animals at Skunkie Acres and all over the world. 


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