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Our Objective here at Skunkie Acres is to  educate the Public on how to prevent cruelty to animals and to educate children on the importance of animals to our world. We take in / rescue unwanted Exotic Pets and injured Exotic Animals. We also take in livestock and other injured animals that need love and a home.

We hope to educate the Public that if they have any Exotic Pets that they do not wish to keep that they are no longer Wild Animals and cannot be released into the Wild. They are not equiped with the instints that their wild counterparts have and will not and cannot survive in the wild. They are domestically raised animals. Many animals fall into this category such as domestic skunks, birds, rabbits, ferrets and many more animals. Please do not hesitate to call if you are in a situation where you cannot keep your exotic pet. We will gladly give him or her a new home with lots of TLC and attention.

Please spay and nueter your pets. If you find that you are unable to keep your pet, please find them a loving home or bring them to a  shelter  so that homes can be found for them. Exotic pets cannot survive in the wild. Also many other pets such as hedgehogs, ferrets,and  rabbits. end up starving or killed on our highways because they are turned loose. Please be kind to your pet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ADOPTIONS
We have Horses,  Skunks and other exotics  available for adoptions to loving homes only.  Please come visit our animals .   If you can give please donate to help these animals.  

We are in urgent need of Donations of Animal Feed (all types), cash for shots, medicines,  vet bills, etc.  We accept Checks, Money Orders, Debit and Credit Cards.  Donations are greatly appreciated by our animals and by us.
100% of All Donations goes to help/support the animals and animal rescue.
God Bless all those who help those which cannot help themselves.
Please don't forget our homeless shelters also which need our help and prayers.
(386) 397-1464  cell or (386) 397-1465 cell  skunkieacres@aol.com

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